My Story

Hello! My name is Brandon Rivera and I am 12 years old. One day, I was on the way to a basketball game with my parents and noticed many homeless people without socks. I started to ask my parents, how can we get socks for the homeless, especially because I am known as The Sock Kid

My parents told me that they will purchase socks for the homeless, if I was willing to hand them out.  And Yes, I AGREED! 

Before I knew it, I was handing out socks in the middle of a pandemic which made me so happy to help people in need!

We didn’t realize how expensive it could get to purchase socks to hand out.  We started going back and forth with ideas on how we can generate money to purchase more socks. So my parents and I finally came up with my own logo, which I worked with a graphic designer and designed myself. Now the idea is to put my logo on shirts and hoodies to sell so we can use the profit to purchase more socks. Things were going so well once we started making shirts and hoodies that we decided to create my own website! Now, my journey is to help homeless people everywhere!

My Basketball Life

Check out some of the great people I have met throughout my basketball journey!

NBA PF Bobby Portis
NBA Legend Isiah Thomas
NBA PG Frank Ntilikina